Account Management by Phone


Call our automated audio system for 24/7 account access using a touch-tone phone. You can conduct a variety of transactions and/or inquiries on your account, including credit union loans. Obtain your Personal Identification Number (PIN) from a Member Service Representative to get started. Note that this PIN may be different than your ATM card PIN and Online Banking four-digit passcode. You can re-set your PhoneBranch PIN after first-time enrollment.

  • Check account balances
  • Transfer money
  • Obtain check-clearing information 

Call 800.223.6361 for PhoneBranch.

PhoneBranch Menu

Download and print.

Welcome to Greenville Federal Credit Union’s 24-Hour Automated Account Information.


Press 1 for Funds, Transfers and Withdrawals
     Press 1 to Transfer Funds Immediately
     Press 2 to Schedule a Funds Transfer
     Press 3 for Payments
               Press 1 for Immediate Payment
               Press 2 to Schedule a Payment
     Press 2 to Schedule a Payment
     Press 4 to Hear existing Scheduled Transfers
     Press 5 to Delete an existing Transfer 
     Press 6 for Share Withdrawal

Press 2 for Account History
     Press 1 for Checking
     Press 2 for Savings
     Press 3 for Loans

Press 3 for Account Balances
     Press 1 for Checking
     Press 2 for Savings
     Press 3 for Loans (Includes Mortgage and Credit Cards)

Press 4 for Merchant Check Verification

Press 5 to Change your Access Code

Press 6 for Stop Payments
     Press 1 to Stop Payment on a Specific Check Number
     Press 2 to Stop Payment on a Check Range
     Press 3 to Stop Payment Inquiries

Press 7 for Interest Rates
     Press 1 for Checking
     Press 2 for Savings
     Press 3 for Certificate and Investment Rates
     Press 4 for IRA

Press 8 to Receive Account Information by Email

Press 9 to Receive Vehicle Loan Payoff Information

TIP: Press * (star) or 3* (3 star) at any time to hear the main menu.

TIP: Press 9* (9 star) to switch to a different member number.


NEW! Text Banking

Using a text-enabled phone, send a text to 1-800-864-9215 with one of the following words: 

Upon account verification, the credit union will instantly reply with the requested information or action.  Click here for FAQs and instructions. 

Printable PhoneBranch Menu

image image

Download and print.