SMS Text Banking

Send a text for instant account information.

There is no need to wait on hold for information about your account.  In addition to Online and Mobile Banking, the credit union offers SMS Text Banking to help you get instant balance and account activity via text messaging.  


Before starting, you will need your member number and the last four digits of your social security number.* 

Enter 1-800-864-9215 in the "To:" field of your mobile phone's text messenger.

Type one of the following text commands and hit send.

  • Balance (This will provide your Balance and Available Balance.)
  • Transfer (Transfer funds to and from accounts under your member number.)
  • Deposit (This will provide the latest deposit information for the specified account.)
  • History (This will provide posted transactions for the specified account.)
  • Pending (This will provide current transaction holds for the specified account.)
  • Call (This will will provide the Contact Center phone number.)

*Please note, you will never receive a credit union Text Banking message that asks you to send us your full social security number or your account number. If you ever receive such a request for sensitive personal or financial information, do not respond to the message and call us at 800-336-6309 to report the incident.


Is there a fee to use Text Banking?
There is no charge to use text banking, however message and data rates from your mobile provider may apply. Please check with your mobile phone carrier if you are not sure what fees apply when you send and receive text messages.

Will Text Banking work on my phone?
Yes, as long as you have text messaging enabled with your mobile carrier, and your phone number is authorized on your account. 

Will I be able to access my account information from any text messaging enabled phone?
No, Text Banking only works from the phone number authorized on your account. 

Is Text Banking secure?
Yes, Text Banking is secure. Text Banking responses from the credit union do not contain full account numbers. For added security you may wish to delete your Text Banking messages after use.

Are the text commands case sensitive?

No, text commands are not case sensitive. Example: You can type "balance" or "BALANCE."

I share a joint account. Will both numbers that have been authorized on our account work?
Text Banking will work for any phone numbers authorized under the account.

No more waiting on hold!

Text 1-800-864-9215 

Type and send one of the following:

  • Balance
  • Transfer
  • Deposit
  • History
  • Pending
  • Call