The Branch at Greer High

Greenville Federal Credit Union and Greer High School have partnered to operate a student-run credit union branch inside the high school. This initiative brings real-world financial literacy into the school and enriches students’ academic preparation by providing an authentic work experience that builds foundational skills for any career endeavor.

The student-run branch is named “The Branch at Greer High” and carries its own branding reflective of Greer High School. The fully functioning credit union branch offers students, faculty, and staff access to financial services such as savings and checking accounts, debit cards, and online banking through Greenville Federal Credit Union.

Students enrolled in the work-based learning program earn Honors level course credit and hands-on experience as they learn to operate a Greenville Federal Credit Union branch.  The career and financial skills learned through this internship experience help graduates stand out in the job market or on college applications.

Greer High School Principal Justin Ludley shares, “At Greer High, we focus on providing students with opportunities to find their passion in a future career field through real world experiences in our academic and extracurricular programs.  We are honored and excited to begin a new partnership with Greenville Federal Credit Union.  The opportunity to have a student-run financial institution in our school will empower student employees to build financial, marketing, and professional skills through expert training from Greenville Federal Credit Union.  Furthermore, every student and staff member in our school will have the opportunity to join Greenville Federal Credit Union and grow in personal financial management skills.  We are so thankful for this partnership and cannot wait to officially open The Branch at Greer High.”

Selected students work along-side a teacher leading the student-run branch and receive in-depth training through a paid internship over the summer which prepares them to operate the branch in the coming school year. At completion of the summer-long internship, students are capable of not only handling cash transactions and opening new accounts, but also implementing growth strategies through a marketing plan they develop.

“Greenville Federal Credit Union has served the community of Greer for more than 25 years and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Greer High and Greenville County Schools to launch our second student branch,” said Paul Hughes, CEO of Greenville Federal Credit Union. “A lack of early financial literacy is a true barrier to long-term prosperity, and we feel it is our mission to help to educate the community. Giving young people the opportunity to practice sound money management in a safe, supported environment will benefit them for the rest of their lives.”

“This community and corporate partnership is an excellent example of how we provide real-world experience for our students”, said Superintendent W. Burke Royster. “These students will have the opportunity to learn about financial literacy and put that knowledge to work in an actual business setting at their school. They are gaining the skills to be competitive in the real world, and learning the importance of financial responsibility. The Branch at Greer High will provide multiple opportunities for students to be college and career ready”.


Benefits for Program Participants:

  • Earn Honors level course credit
  • Earn a paid internship through the Greenville Chamber’s Launch Program
  • Receive real-world, on the job training
  • Gain financial literacy
  • Develop leadership, marketing, and organizational skills

Benefits for Faculty, Staff, and Students:

  • Convenient daily access to banking services such as deposits, withdrawals, online banking and bill-pay
  • Access to money-saving and reasonably priced financial services, loans, and credit
  • Membership incentives and gifts

Membership and Accounts

The first step is to join Greenville Federal Credit Union by becoming an official Member.  

Membership Requirements 

  • Student Membership: open a Share Savings Account with a $5 deposit (minimum) 
  • Staff Membership: open a Share Savings Account with a $25 deposit (minimum)  

Membership Benefits 

  • No joining fee for becoming a member 
  • Receive a Membership Welcome Gift 
  • Debit Rewards (applies to Checking Accounts) 
  • Qualify for all eligible membership perks such as access to discount entertainment tickets 
  • Cast your vote at our Annual Membership Meeting  

Account Options for Greer High Student Members 

  • Student Share Savings Account 
  • Student Share Checking Account with debit card

Account Options for Greer High Staff Members 

  • Greenville High Staff are eligible to apply for any adult (age 18+) accounts and services offered by the credit union.

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Greenville Federal Credit Union and Greer High School hold ribbon-cutting ceremony for student-run branch.


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Monday - Friday during lunch, following the Greenville County Schools Student Calendar  


Students working within The Branch at Greer High are selected through a strict application, teacher recommendation and interview process in the spring, for the following school year. Students from each grade level are considered for positions.


The Branch at Greer High is designed, built and operated with the same security systems and measures as all other Greenville Federal Credit Union branch locations. Students working in The Branch are thoroughly vetted and receive in-depth operations and security training. All account information is private and transactions are safe, secure, sound and backed by NCUA.