Loan/Refinance Checklist

Loan/Refinance Application Checklist 

Preparation makes the loan application process smooth and efficient. The following items will be needed when you meet with a Greenville Federal Credit Union lending representative. 

  • Completed Application 
  • Copies of three months’ worth of current bank statements for all accounts (full, all pages, and must show financial institution and owner names on statements) 
  • Copy of most recent value of retirement funds and any stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or IRAs 
  • Copy of most recent paystub not more than 30 days old (four if paid weekly), or, if self-employed two years full, signed tax returns Individual credit report fee (approximately $40 - ask about current fees) 
  • Purchase Agreement (if applicable) 
  • Your Email Address 
  • Your Best Contact Phone Number 
  • (If Refinance) Copy of Recorded Deed (If Refinance) Copy of Homeowner’s Insurance Policy 
  • (If Refinance) Copy of Legal Survey (if you have) 
  • (If Refinance) All mortgage information, including lender address, phone number, loan number, original and current balance