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Notice of Change in Terms of your Membership Agreement and Disclosures

June 30th, 2023 by Catherine James

The Membership Agreement and Disclosures are changing effective 7/31/2023 because of rapidly evolving technologies and related issues, rampant fraudulent activities, burdensome regulatory requirements, and litigation exposures. After consulting with industry experts and legal advisers regarding our primary duty to protect the Credit Union for the benefit of all member-owners, we make the following changes: 


31. Amendments and Changes: Changes to any account or account service requested by any member or account owner can only be made with the express consent of the Credit Union. The Credit Union, in its sole discretion, may: (1) change or modify any term or condition of this Agreement, including the method for determining dividends; (2) we may add new terms, conditions or requirements that we deem necessary or in the Credit Union’s best interests; and (3) we may make operational changes. We may make all such amendments or changes as described at any time without notice except as expressly required by applicable law, and any change in the Agreement shall be effective at the earliest time allowed by applicable law. If applicable laws provide no express time period, then notice 10-days or more in advance of the effective date of any change shall be deemed sufficient. 

These changes will be effective on July 31, 2023 and apply to any future or past changes described in the box above. You can obtain a copy of the complete Membership Agreement and Disclosures online at:, at any branch office, or by calling us at 800.336.6309. Your accepting and agreeing to the revised terms will be shown by your continued use of any existing or new account(s) or services after the effective date. If you do not wish to accept this change you may close your accounts and services prior to the effective date.