NOTICE: Revised Membership Agreement regarding your accounts and services.

December 31st, 2021 by Catherine James

The credit union revised your Membership Account Agreement and Disclosures. The following notes the change. Please read the whole of your Agreement which can be found on our website here. We will provide you a printed copy, if you wish, by contacting the credit union at a branch office or by telephone at 800.336.6309 or by mailing us your request. This change takes effect 30 days after 12/31/2021, which is the date this Change of Terms notice is provided to all members.

Transactions from Your Account(s):  Generally, you may withdraw and/or transfer funds from your account(s) at any time subject to the limitations set forth in this section and the Funds Availability Disclosure in effect at the time of the deposit.  Payments upon your order may be made in coin, bills, or other instruments or via electronic means at our option.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT FEES: Fees may be assessed with each item paid into overdraft or returned unpaid subject to the following:

  • A single Courtesy Pay Fee may be assessed when we choose to pay the presentment even though your account has insufficient funds. Doing so will put your account into an overdrawn status while helping you avoid at least one returned item fee to the original person or entity you intended to pay
  • No Courtesy Pay Fee will be assessed on ATM and everyday (one-time) debit card transactions unless you specifically opt-in to such non-contractual service being added to your account. The merchant informs the Credit Union if a debit card transaction is a one-time or recurring transaction. A Courtesy Pay Fee can be assessed on recurring debit card transactions and any other item we pay into overdraft. An NSF Fee can be assessed on recurring debit card transactions and any other item we return for lack of sufficient funds
  • No Courtesy Pay Fee will be assessed on presented items of $5 or less
  • We limit the number of Courtesy Pay overdraft and/or returned item (Non-Sufficient Funds/NSF) fees charged per business day as follows:
  • For consumer accounts, we will charge no more than two (2) Courtesy Pay or Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fees per membership number per business day