Financial Wellness Center

Welcome to the Financial Wellness Center. 

As an employee of one of Greenville Federal Credit Union’s Company Partners, you receive an array of credit union benefits, including access to our online Financial Wellness Center.  Within this Financial Wellness Center you can complete short, interactive learning modules about a variety of financial topics.  From credit cards and auto loans to mortgages and savings accounts, these modules will help you to make responsible financial decisions and set you on the path to financial wellness.  

How to Get Started 

1. Register your user account in The Financial Wellness Center. 

Enter the Financial Wellness Center by clicking here. 

2. Once registered, you are ready to explore the modules and begin learning. Be sure to enable sound on your device so you can hear the modules.

3. Return here for additional information and resources on the modules you’ve completed. 

Additional Information and Resources 

Click the links below to learn more about each topic.

Financial Wellness Basics:

Responsible Spending:

Long Term Planning:

Major Life Purchases:


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